Comic Review – Unworthy Thor #3



The Unworthy Thor #3 (of 5)

“The Sin Unpardonable”

Jason Aaron (writer), Kim Jacinto and Olivier Coipel (artists). Covers by Coipel, Emanuela Lupacchino and Ryan Sook.

With Jane Foster as the Marvel Universe’s resident Thor-of-choice right now, I’m not sure the mythological Odinson needs to be a focus. Foster has been a breath of fresh air, and she presents one of the most tragic and noble situations in comics right now – as a late stage cancer victim, she is literally choosing to sacrifice her life for the greater good, as each time she transforms into Thor, she resets her medical treatments to square one. Meanwhile, the Odinson is just kind of… there. Still, there are movies in the works – and as great as the comic version of Jane Foster is, I have zero interest in a Thor movie carried by Natalie Portman – so it’s somewhat inevitable that we’ll have the manly iteration back sooner than later. Hopefully Marvel has a plan for the two characters to coexist, and if this miniseries is any indication, that’s exactly the way they plan to go.

No longer worthy to wield his beloved hammer Mjolnir, the Odinson has learned of an extra-dimensional version of the hammer, once wielded by the Thor of the defunct Ultimate Marvel Universe. Unfortunately for him, Ultimate Mjolnir sits firmly in the possession of the Collector, and has attracted the attention of the followers of Thanos to boot. Luckily, the Odinson has his equestrian bestie Beta Ray Bill backing him up – assuming Thor doesn’t succumb to his mounting rage to the point that he can’t differentiate between friend and foe.


The real reason I’m reading this miniseries is the admittedly unlikely chance that Jason Aaron will finally deliver on one of the biggest mysteries of the Marvel Universe. Back in 2014, in the penultimate chapter of the Original Sins storyline, newly evil Nick Fury whispered *something* to Thor that caused him to become unworthy of lifting his hammer. It was a great plot twist when it happened, that led to some great stories. It’s been two-and-a-half years now though… we’re getting into Smog Monster from Lost territory. For what it’s worth, Aaron has said that he does know what was said, and will eventually reveal it – and whenever and however he does so, it’s bound to be a better payoff than a half-baked DVD extra.


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